Household Waste Collection

Household Waste Collection

at WRR Environmental Services Company Incorporated

Since 1995, WRR Environmental Services Company Incorporated has partnered with communities and governments to provide household hazardous waste collection programs. We help citizens get hazardous materials out of their homes and into the hands of environmental professionals.

Because the needs of each state, county, and municipality are unique, we tailor our programs to meet those special needs. Because of our emphasis on safety, we manage the programs in the safest possible manner.

Collections can be performed at either WRR Environmental Services Company Incorporated's corporate site or designated locations where we accept numerous household materials including paints, cleaners, pesticides, adhesives, poisons, solvents, batteries, aerosols, and many other hazardous household materials.

Because we strongly believe in the RCRA waste management hierarchy, we first recycle all materials which can safely be recycled. All remaining waste materials are then properly treated in full compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

For more information regarding collections in your area, please see:

Eau Claire County Planning and Development
Chippewa County Recycling
Northwest Regional Planning Commission